What Needs Doing in your Garden this National Gardening Week

Posted on: 07/04/2017

It’s National Gardening Week. Take a really good look outside and think about what could be improved. Whether you love relaxing on your patio or hosting garden parties or even just plain green-fingered gardening, we think there’s always room for improvement. Use National Gardening Week to work out what needs to be done.

Up the Garden Path

A garden Path that is falling apart

If left untended, it is easy for an old or poorly laid garden path to slowly disappear. Stones sink into the mud. The grass encroaches from either side and weeds begin to poke through. Does it even lead where you want it to lead? 

Down at the Bottom of the Garden

The wildest bit of the garden is at the back - farthest from the house. You’ve let the grass grow long there and wildflowers have self-seeded. The poppies, cornflowers and cow parsley standing tall above the long grass have a rustic beauty. Nobody needs to know that it’s only like that because you’d reached the limit of your lawnmower cord.

The Neighbour’s Pets

A fluffy cat sitting amongst garden plants

What is it with the neighbour’s dog? Can’t he do his business in his own back yard? That cat is so cute though! She can sun herself on the shed roof as long as she wants. A good close board fence will keep out the dog. Cats will go wherever there’s a saucer of milk waiting for them - just don’t let your neighbour see.

Close to the House

It’s surprising what you get used to. You hated that DIY patio job when you bought the house and you swore that you’d do something about it. How many summers have you sworn that will be the last barbecue you have before you rip the thing out? It’s now or never: time to do something about it. 

A pathway laid by Knights Paving & Landscaping

We're prepared to bet that there are a few major jobs between where you are now and your dream garden. Why don’t you call up the professionals this National Gardening Week? At Knight’s Paving and Landscaping we offer a full landscaping service that will transform your garden. To arrange a free consultation, please call us on 01603 360548.

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