A Four Stage Cleaning and Repairs Process

Paving Restoration - Eradicate

1. Eradicate

The first stage of the restoration process is to remove any live growth. To do this we apply a commercial grade moss and weed killer, and allow it time to take effect. This stops the spread of new growth and kills the weeds from the roots up.

Paving Restoration - Clean

2. Clean

We use a diesel powered, industrial grade cleaning machine to thoroughly clean your paving. This removes old or broken jointing and pointing, all of which is taken away from your property. It is then left.

Paving Restoration - Clean
Paving Restoration - Repair

3. Repair

We then return to carry out any repairs. We rejoin and repoint the slabs and bricks. Kiln dried sand is reapplied and compacted to stabilise the paving. If there are any areas which have sunk or broken, we take care of it.

Paving Restoration - Seal

4. Seal

We use a very powerful sealer which has to be brought on licence. Unlike sealers from DIY stores it adds a waterproof coating to your paving, preventing the weed from growing back – saving you from future maintenance.

Paving Restoration - Seal

The Benefits of Patio Cleaning

  • Makes cleaning quicker and easier
  • Prevents weeds and moss from growing on your paving
  • Strengthens the jointing sand used to hold paving slabs or bricks in place
  • Reduces efflorescence, a build-up of salt that stains paving white
Our Service Pledge

Our Service Pledge

We’re committed to offering customers in Norwich and Norfolk an excellent service – so much so that we have developed a five-step service pledge so you know exactly what to expect from us.

Our 5 Step Service Pledge

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